The Swing Dress, Oh yes!

I feel like every time I’m ready to get back into blogging something comes up and I get distracted. This time it was lovely diamond ring my boyfriend placed on my finger (Commence 8 hours of pinning wedding dresses on Pinterest). I suppose that’s a worthy distraction though ūüôā

Anyway, I’m back for at least a little bit to discuss one of my favourite new trends, the swing dress! Oh my lordy, these are the best, so comfortable! They’re like maxi dresses minus the fear of stepping on the hem and tumbling down a staircase in front of your entire office…

They’re loose dresses that sort of hang off of your body. They’re perfect for hot days when you don’t want fabric clinging to you, and they’re awesome for disguising any bumps and lumps you may have. You can get them sleeveless, short sleeved, or long sleeved, which means I can even layer them for fall! They take a little bit of getting used to because of the lack of structure. This also means the fit is super important so that you look adorable and doll-like and not like you’re wearing a moo-moo. So let’s go over my 3 very simple rules for making a swing dress work for any body type:

  1. Size: Swing dresses fit very true to size. They may look large and oversized, but that’s so they skim over your body. Do NOT be tempted to buy an XXS just because you can squeeze into it. It should only touch your chest and float away from your body.
  2. Fabric: Make sure the fabric has a bit of weight to it, like jersey. Something like linen is probably too light and will end up looking tent-ish. It should have enough weight to drape well and sort of swing and bounce when you walk (hence the name).
  3. Length: This is the most important! Because these are fairly shapeless dresses, they should not be long. Depending on your height, they should hit 2-3 inches ABOVE your knees. This keeps the dress from looking frumpy.

Here is an example of a bad fitting swing dress:


The dress hits half way down my knees, making it too long. The fabric is also a bit light and doesn’t fall onto my body the way it should. It ends up looking much too large. So here is an example of a well-fitting swing dress:


It hits about 3 inches above my knees and it’s a jersey fabric for it just barely skims my body, without sticking out like an oversized A-line dress. (Also, P.S. Stripes are super in and no they don’t make you look wider as long as you pick the right stripe).

If you haven’t tried these new dresses, take advantage of the last few weeks of summer and buy yourself one. Trust me, you’ll wear it every day! Also, please prepare yourself for a flood of wedding preparation ideas on my blog and IG (Follow me @aimeebee53)

Much Love XOXO,


Fashion Friday: Professional wear for Summer

The last couple months of my life have been a bit crazy. I was working 3 jobs and going to school and trying to get my health and fitness back on track. I’m very much an all or nothing person, I probably should have chose nothing. But bittersweetly (for sure not a word), teaching has come to an end and I have a few moments to breath and get some blogging in; which I am over the moon excited for!

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful – like 2 weeks of sunshine and one day of rain just to keep us appreciating the sunshine. And I wouldn’t dare to complain about sun, but I do have to say that it makes dressing professional a bit more of a challenge. The last thing I want to do is cover every inch of myself in fabric but I feel slightly out of place at a meeting in jean cut-offs and a crop top…well, in all honesty I’m “making car payments and receiving a salary” years old and therefore should probably feel out of place wearing that anywhere except Coachella. I don’t like wearing t-shirts because I’m that person that buys those anti-antiperspirants for clinical-level sweating and I just don’t need my armpits to tell the world that. But I find even most tank tops feel a bit too casual and there are few shorts that cover all the curves that make up my lower half. So here are a few options that I’ve found that work for my professional life without causing me to melt into a puddle of sweat and mascara: 20150605_152621 I’m a HUGE fan of these button-down tank tops. They’re like the mullets of shirt – Business in the front, party on the…sides? I have to make a conscious effort not to wear these 7 days a week because I literally own enough that could do that for 2 weeks without ever wearing the same one. I find that a lot of these shirts are really sheer so I try to find ones that are a bit more opaque so I don’t have to wear an extra shirt underneath it. Also, my response to shorts is always just rolling the bottom of my pants – apparently I like a little airflow around my ankles. But I find that if I keep my top light, then I don’t mind having longer bottoms. These black flats are some of my favourites; they’re sort of open on the sides like a sandal, but they look professional with the pointed-toe. 20150604_124945 ¬† This sweater I got from Aritzia has been amazing this summer. It was obviously over-priced, as is the custom of Aritzia, but I find that the few pieces I do buy from there I always get a lot of wear out of. It’s so light so it doesn’t add any extra weight or warmth, plus it looks good over everything! So I’ve just been wearing my regular casual tank tops and throwing this over it for meetings and whatnot. Then when I get back into my sauna of a vehicle, I can just take it off. It’s also a great item to have for beach days that drift into beach nights. This hat has been great for summer outfits too, because it creates the illusion of effort and pulls even casual outfits together. I also think investing in some dressier sandals or wedges is a great idea for summer because it helps keep your look work-ready instead of beach-ready. When all else fails, throw on a maxi dress and call it a day. Those babies are lifesavers!

Spread some kindness this week! Much Love xoxo,


Fashion Fridays: Red lippie and Pie!

Today was one of those days where you just want to avoid all mirrors and all your clothes feel like you purchased them for a 12 year old girl who has yet to develop, only to look at the tag and realize it is indeed an adult size item…I’m going to get real for just a teensy second and admit that on days like this I used to over do it at the gym and meticulously read food labels. But as I’ve gotten older and learned to love my body, I’ve decided on these days, to throw on a super fun lip colour and enjoy a big slice of pie (and/or any other delicious pastry) because I’m worth celebrating!


I love this shirt because it’s got cute little diamonds all over it plus I think the shape of it is kind of adorable!

20150320_122446¬†Red lippies are always fun! And yes, anyone¬†can absolutely wear red, it’s just about finding the right shade for your skin tone. But when all else fails, just kick caution to the curb and wear any shade you like!


MMM! The best part of the day! If you live anywhere near Chilliwack, you know that the airport pie is seriously the BOMB. So stinkin’ good.

In case someone hasn’t mentioned this to you already, you’re awesome! Much Love,¬†XO


P.s. #Tothegirls – Don’t ever forget about all the amazing things your body can do, I can guarantee it does some things that are so worth celebrating every single day!

Fashion Fridays: Chambray and Sephora Day!

Today was both a great and stressful day. A new Sephora opened up near me (well 30 min from me, which is better than an hour – #smalltownproblems) and there are few things that make me more excited than makeup shopping. However, it’s like brand spankin’ new, like had their grand opening today kind of new, so it was crazy packed! And there are few things that stress me out more than crowds. So it was a bit daunting, but the nice thing is they had all my fave products in stock (although I’m sure that won’t be the case tomorrow). I’ll probably do a review on Monday of a few of the gems I found. But first things first! I’ve been dying to post these photos of a little photoshoot I did with the lovely Breanna Mader and I finally found some time today. If you follow me on Instagram (@aimeebee53) then you’ve probably seen a little preview of these pictures. Check out more of her awesome blog¬†at I’m so awkward in front of the camera and she made it so easy. She even let me snap some pics of her! New career maybe? Probably not…





aimee+bree-5678 This chambray shirt is easily my favourite; it goes with everything and I currently enjoy wearing it with a statement necklace. I love pairing all these neutral colours together, plus how cute are these shoes?! The chunky heel even makes them pretty comfortable.

Enjoy your weekend! Much love XO,


Creative Blogger Award

creative blogger

I just got back from a few days with the family on Vancouver Island. They’re the absolute best. But I got home to a wonderful surprise from a fellow blogger – I was nominated for the Creative Blogger Award by Julie of¬†¬†. She has a really great blog, one that spreads positivity and I think that’s awesome! So take a couple minutes to check her out.

And now, for 5 random facts:

1.¬†I have 8 tattoos and I’m nowhere near done.

My favourite is a carousel horse from the cover of

The Catcher in the Rye on my foot. The dates are

my grandparents birth dates.

Sorry for those grossed out by                       feet :S

2. Sometimes when I download new music I go for a drive

just so I can sing my heart out to my new songs. I also

typically pretend I’m performing on stage when I do this.

3. You know how it seems girls always dream of riding off on a horse

into the sunset¬†with their Prince Charming? Well I don’t. In fact, that sounds

terrifying. Horses scare me. So when I went to Mexico and all my friends

wanted to ride horses on the beach, I chose to ride a mule named Penelope

It was still terrifying and much less romantic than one would imagine. 

4. I went to China when I was sixteen and it was the best experience

of my life. I wore Hollister when I was sixteen and that was the worst

experience of my life.


5.¬†I’m pretty sure my mama is my best friend. We had some rough years.

I was pretty hard on her. But her heart is so big that she just always loved me.

She’s my inspiration. When I moved out she told me, “We may be done

raising you, but we’re never done taking care of you.” And that meant the

world to me. Mostly, because I moved back in again… (plus she’s kind of

a babe).


So there are my 5 random facts! I now would like to nominate a few blogs that I’ve enjoyed perusing in the last little while:

The rules of the Creative Blogger Award:

1. Display the Creative Blogger Award logo on your blog
2. Thank and tag the blog who nominated you
3. Write 5 random facts about yourself
4. Nominate a minimum of 5 other blogs and let them know

Let’s enjoy together the fact that we are amazing and we have the courage to share that with the world! Happy Easter everyone!!

Much Love XO,