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I just got back from a few days with the family on Vancouver Island. They’re the absolute best. But I got home to a wonderful surprise from a fellow blogger – I was nominated for the Creative Blogger Award by Julie of . She has a really great blog, one that spreads positivity and I think that’s awesome! So take a couple minutes to check her out.

And now, for 5 random facts:

1. I have 8 tattoos and I’m nowhere near done.

My favourite is a carousel horse from the cover of

The Catcher in the Rye on my foot. The dates are

my grandparents birth dates.

Sorry for those grossed out by                       feet :S

2. Sometimes when I download new music I go for a drive

just so I can sing my heart out to my new songs. I also

typically pretend I’m performing on stage when I do this.

3. You know how it seems girls always dream of riding off on a horse

into the sunset with their Prince Charming? Well I don’t. In fact, that sounds

terrifying. Horses scare me. So when I went to Mexico and all my friends

wanted to ride horses on the beach, I chose to ride a mule named Penelope

It was still terrifying and much less romantic than one would imagine. 

4. I went to China when I was sixteen and it was the best experience

of my life. I wore Hollister when I was sixteen and that was the worst

experience of my life.


5. I’m pretty sure my mama is my best friend. We had some rough years.

I was pretty hard on her. But her heart is so big that she just always loved me.

She’s my inspiration. When I moved out she told me, “We may be done

raising you, but we’re never done taking care of you.” And that meant the

world to me. Mostly, because I moved back in again… (plus she’s kind of

a babe).


So there are my 5 random facts! I now would like to nominate a few blogs that I’ve enjoyed perusing in the last little while:

The rules of the Creative Blogger Award:

1. Display the Creative Blogger Award logo on your blog
2. Thank and tag the blog who nominated you
3. Write 5 random facts about yourself
4. Nominate a minimum of 5 other blogs and let them know

Let’s enjoy together the fact that we are amazing and we have the courage to share that with the world! Happy Easter everyone!!

Much Love XO,


Multipurpose Outfits: Neutral Sweater

I’ve only been on Spring Break for 3 days and I’m already suffering from a severe case of cabin fever. Thankfully Friends is on Netflix and I never seem to get bored of that show. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been super lazy with outfits – like sneakers, shirt, jeans, DONE! But what can I say except “We were on a break!” (Okay, maybe that’s only funny for die hard Friends fans)…

So I bought this gray sweater the other day, it’s from Zara and it’s super soft, like the way I imagined cashmere would feel before I actually felt it and didn’t find it as soft as everyone made it out to be. The best part it is that I actually bought it at a thrift store for 6.99. Holla! Anyway, I styled it as per usual with a casual, work, and dressy look.

eyeemfiltered1427236176043 Like I said, I’m keeping things simple these days so there isn’t much to this outfit, just some cuffed skinnies and slip-on sneakers. I get so many compliments on these sneakers so I love to wear them when I didn’t put a lot of effort into my look. It’s how I fool people. Finally, I paired it with a leather jacket.


Again, really simple with just a pair of cropped black pants and flats. I actually wanted to wear this with some bright red flats to wake it up a bit, but apparently I have worn those particular flats so much I’ve literally wore a hole through them. Sad day… 😦

eyeemfiltered1427236117320 I actually love dressing up sweaters because they seem a bit casual and the juxtaposition is fun to play with. The skirt has a cool texture/pattern to it that adds a bit more interest to a fairly simple outfit. And of course my fave leather jacket and booties!

For those of you who still have to work, just remember we’re half way through the week!

Much Love XO,


Makeup Mondays: Winged Eyeliner Video Tutorial

Can we just make a pact between us that you won’t judge my terrible video skills and I’ll continue to attempt tutorials for those that asked for them? Also, just as a sidenote – there appears to be an awkward point where the video skips something, but I literally just knocked over everything on my dresser and I tried to recover, unsuccessfully…

Much Love XO,


P.s. if the video doesn’t work on here, this is the link:

Fashion Fridays: Hats and Cardigans

Typical BC weather is upon us where we go from sunshine to rain in 3.5 seconds. I feel like maybe I talk about the weather too much, but it has such an effect on how I dress. I’m not sure why, but I actually only own like one rain coat – that’s a lie, I own about 5 but I only like to wear one of them. So instead of wearing the same raincoat every day, I like to wear hats. These big floppy felt hats are my favourite since it’s like having an umbrella but still having both hands free for clutches and selfies!


This cardigan has become my new go-to sweater. It’s big and cozy like my grandpa cardigans, but it looks a bit dressier making it perfect for work or a wine night with girlfriends. I like when it becomes acceptable to wear blankets outside of the house 😀 I’m just wearing a black tank top and black leggings. I usually like this outfit with flats but due to the rain I wore some ankle booties instead. My makeup is kind of a smoked out charcoal eye and a natural lip – I actually think I just had a lip balm on.

Grab a coffee and stay cozy! Much Love XO,


Etsy Shirt Arrival

I love when online buys arrive. It feels like I get new clothes without buying them because I forget that I purchased them like 3 weeks ago. So I was really excited when I came home to a little blue package with my Etsy purchase. A friend of mine showed this shirt to me and being an English/Grammar lover I couldn’t not own this – plus owls are just the cutest:


How adorable is this?!

It’s a pretty basic T-shirt material so I kept things casual, but I had fun playing with my makeup today by doing a daytime smokey eye and this super deep wine coloured lip stain. The colour is a little darker in person and always makes me feel so much cooler than I am.


It’s a little bit yucky out so it makes a great day to do some online shopping!

Much Love XO,


P.S. I got the shirt here: Whom Owl Shirt

Multipurpose Outfits: Boyfriend Jeans

I was always a bit leary of trying Boyfriend Jeans because I felt like they were meant for very slim women. But I’ve learned that if you like a trend then try it out. Everyone’s bodies are so different and really have to try it on to know for sure. From the first time I tried out these loose fit jeans I was sold, or rather they were sold…to me. They are so versatile! And they have recently started coming out with a “slimfit” boyfiend jean where they aren’t quite so baggy, which is what I’m wearing. Anything too loose tends to give me an awkward body shape so these are perfect.

So I started out by keeping things pretty casual. I paired them with white sneakers, a plain white tee, a plaid shirt, and a touque. Ironically, I put a lot more thought into looking laid-back than I do in looking dressed up. This is because it can be pretty easy to cross the line from cute and casual to haggard and homeless. Accessories are an easy fix to this problem, I’d probably throw on a necklace and a gold watch with it.

            Running Errands:


Next, I went a bit more put-together. This is something that I would wear often to work or to lunch with a friend (I say that as if I do that often, which I don’t because I have a job like most people.) I might also wear this with heeled booties on a rainy day or on days when I physically need to stand a bit taller so I can “stand a bit taller”. But here, I went with a basic sweater, black flats, and a statement necklace.

At Work:


Finally, I wanted to show that even though these are loose and have tears, they cans till be easily dressed up. I kept things super simple with a black blouse, black heels, and a necklace. I’d probably do a cute clutch with this. It could definitely be done with flats too, but I wanted to show that these can actually work for a night out.

Date Night:


So go out and get yourself a pair of Boyfriend jeans because they are amazing! You can find them at H&M, Target, and Old Navy. Also, I’d add a leather jacket to ALL of these outfits because it adds a cool edge to just about anything.

Much Love XO,

Makeup Mondays: Every day favourites

I just wanted to share some of my favourite beauty products. These are products that I use on an almost daily basis and I buy over and over again. They’re a blend of high-end and drugstore brands – I’m certain there is some sort of symbolism in that.

Prep Product


MAC Strobe Cream | Beauty Blender* | MAC Prep + Prime

*I’ve used imitation sponges and they’ve never worked as well as the real Beauty Blender, this works wonders!


20150308_145116 NYX Hi Definition Concealer – CW 04 | Clinique Supermoisture Foundation – Fair 03 | Cover FX Illuminating Setting Powder


Contour Kit collage

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

Bronzer and Blush


Laura Mercier Bronzer – 04 | NYX Baked Blush – Chiffon

Eye Makeup


Smashbox 24 Hour Eye Primer | Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade – Dark Brown |

Loreal Voluminous Power Collagen | Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner

Finishing Toucheslip collageNYX Wonder Pencil (Cupid’s Bow highlight) | MAC Creme D’Nude | Dior Glow Maximizer (Cheekbone Highlight)

I hope you enjoyed peeking into my makeup collection! If you have any questions about where to find products or how to use them then feel free to ask. I’ve definitely spent some time testing them out in different ways.

Much Love XO,


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