About Me


Who Am I?

Let’s see how quickly I can describe myself. I’m a twenty-something woman (although Britney’s Not A Girl, Not Yet a woman feels more descriptive), living in the small, farm town of Chilliwack, BC, which is about an hour east of Vancouver. I have a penchant for literature, both canonized and Nicholas Sparks. I also adore fashion and makeup. I’m currently a teacher and a student. My girlfriends are the absolute best. I like sappy romance movies, social justice, men with beards, and The Mindy Project. Oh, and wine – I adore wine.

What’s this blog all about?

I’ve contemplated starting a blog for a few years now. Someone once encouraged me to start a fashion blog, and while I love fashion and I plan to talk about it more than Entertainment Hosts during Oscar week, there was so much more I wanted to talk about. Recently, probably under the influence of Merlot, I thought, “why the hell can’t I make a blog about everything important in my life!” I enjoy talking about feminist issues (full disclosure here – I’m a pretty enthusiastic feminist), relationships and all the pints of ice cream I’ve consumed searching for the perfect one, books that will change your life, the ups-and-downs of my ever fluctuating body weight, life lessons I’ve learned, and my beautifully complicated journey as a Christian. The “cardigan” is symbolic of my more pensive, academic, and serious side, and the “Cabernet” represents my frivolous and harebrained side. Often these topics will be separate and many times they will intertwine. It’s bound to be messy, but when Cabernet is involved that’s usually the result and it’s still delicious.

Much love,


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