Fashion Fridays: Red lippie and Pie!

Today was one of those days where you just want to avoid all mirrors and all your clothes feel like you purchased them for a 12 year old girl who has yet to develop, only to look at the tag and realize it is indeed an adult size item…I’m going to get real for just a teensy second and admit that on days like this I used to over do it at the gym and meticulously read food labels. But as I’ve gotten older and learned to love my body, I’ve decided on these days, to throw on a super fun lip colour and enjoy a big slice of pie (and/or any other delicious pastry) because I’m worth celebrating!


I love this shirt because it’s got cute little diamonds all over it plus I think the shape of it is kind of adorable!

20150320_122446 Red lippies are always fun! And yes, anyone can absolutely wear red, it’s just about finding the right shade for your skin tone. But when all else fails, just kick caution to the curb and wear any shade you like!


MMM! The best part of the day! If you live anywhere near Chilliwack, you know that the airport pie is seriously the BOMB. So stinkin’ good.

In case someone hasn’t mentioned this to you already, you’re awesome! Much Love, XO


P.s. #Tothegirls – Don’t ever forget about all the amazing things your body can do, I can guarantee it does some things that are so worth celebrating every single day!

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