Fashion Fridays: Chambray and Sephora Day!

Today was both a great and stressful day. A new Sephora opened up near me (well 30 min from me, which is better than an hour – #smalltownproblems) and there are few things that make me more excited than makeup shopping. However, it’s like brand spankin’ new, like had their grand opening today kind of new, so it was crazy packed! And there are few things that stress me out more than crowds. So it was a bit daunting, but the nice thing is they had all my fave products in stock (although I’m sure that won’t be the case tomorrow). I’ll probably do a review on Monday of a few of the gems I found. But first things first! I’ve been dying to post these photos of a little photoshoot I did with the lovely Breanna Mader and I finally found some time today. If you follow me on Instagram (@aimeebee53) then you’ve probably seen a little preview of these pictures. Check out more of her awesome blog at I’m so awkward in front of the camera and she made it so easy. She even let me snap some pics of her! New career maybe? Probably not…





aimee+bree-5678 This chambray shirt is easily my favourite; it goes with everything and I currently enjoy wearing it with a statement necklace. I love pairing all these neutral colours together, plus how cute are these shoes?! The chunky heel even makes them pretty comfortable.

Enjoy your weekend! Much love XO,


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