Multipurpose Outfits: Neutral Sweater

I’ve only been on Spring Break for 3 days and I’m already suffering from a severe case of cabin fever. Thankfully Friends is on Netflix and I never seem to get bored of that show. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been super lazy with outfits – like sneakers, shirt, jeans, DONE! But what can I say except “We were on a break!” (Okay, maybe that’s only funny for die hard Friends fans)…

So I bought this gray sweater the other day, it’s from Zara and it’s super soft, like the way I imagined cashmere would feel before I actually felt it and didn’t find it as soft as everyone made it out to be. The best part it is that I actually bought it at a thrift store for 6.99. Holla! Anyway, I styled it as per usual with a casual, work, and dressy look.

eyeemfiltered1427236176043 Like I said, I’m keeping things simple these days so there isn’t much to this outfit, just some cuffed skinnies and slip-on sneakers. I get so many compliments on these sneakers so I love to wear them when I didn’t put a lot of effort into my look. It’s how I fool people. Finally, I paired it with a leather jacket.


Again, really simple with just a pair of cropped black pants and flats. I actually wanted to wear this with some bright red flats to wake it up a bit, but apparently I have worn those particular flats so much I’ve literally wore a hole through them. Sad day… 😦

eyeemfiltered1427236117320 I actually love dressing up sweaters because they seem a bit casual and the juxtaposition is fun to play with. The skirt has a cool texture/pattern to it that adds a bit more interest to a fairly simple outfit. And of course my fave leather jacket and booties!

For those of you who still have to work, just remember we’re half way through the week!

Much Love XO,


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